Building Materials

From carpentry, plumbing, to roofing materials, Prodsmart is there to build you up throughout your production process.


Whether you’re assembling entire vehicles or just auto-parts, Prodsmart makes sure you’re doing it with the pedal to the metal


From beds, to chairs or chandeliers, Prodsmart makes sure your production team brings efficiency to the table.

Research & development

If you want to keep track of the raw materials you are using on your prototypes we can help you keep track of the changes you make in every iteration you do.

Electronic Manufacturing

From components’ design, manufacture, to test stages or return and repair services, Prodsmart helps you power up your business

Consumer Goods

From toys, to small appliances or any other related goods, we help ensure your product helps you get happy customers.


Whether you serve the packaging, electronics or transportation industries, or others, we help you wrap up your production process, smoothly.

Environmental Services

Whether it’s air, water or soil purification equipment manufacturing, filtration, recycling or pollution control systems, Prodsmart is there to help you get rid of all that garbage.

Industrial Engineering

Whether you’re manufacturing a machine or part of one, Prodsmart helps you build it - from power tools, to domestic technology or factory equipment.


Whether it hangs around the neck, ears or hands, we help you in your jewelry manufacturing and make sure your operations sparkle.

Food & Beverage

From farming and food production, packaging and distribution, to retail and catering: if you eat it, we can help make it.


Whether it’s printing in paper, glass, metal, apparel or other materials, Prodsmart helps you clear any stains from your production.

Apparel & Fashion

For garment, apparel or clothing production, Prodsmart’s has got you covered.