The Standard Plan includes:
  • Access to all existing features in the Prodsmart Platform;
  • 24/7 Customer Support Service;
  • Technical infrastruture powered by Google Cloud with a high-level system performance and execution warranty;
  • Guaranteed access to lifetime upgrades to the latest version of the platform;
  • Constant data backup;
  • Remote access;
  • Data privacy and security.
Companies with more than 150 workers on the shop floor that want to use the Prodsmart platform are automatically in the Enterprise Plan, with a custom made price. The Entreprise plan includes:
  • All the features of the Standard price;
  • ERP integration as well as other management related software;
  • Integration with existing equipment and machines;
  • Sensor integration;
  • Custom made professional services plan to meet your business operational needs;
  • Process Optimization Consulting;
  • Specialized training to all personnel that will interact with the system in your business: from shop floor workers and production managers to corporate management;
  • Customized features development;
  • Changes to the standard contract;